Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Early Morning Bridge 24x30"

© Debbi Smith Rourke
Early Morning Bridge   24x30"
Oil on canvas. Original NFS
Gallery-wrapped canvas prints available from 8x10" to 28x35".
Contact me for print prices based on preferred size.

I have so  many pictures of Lake Austin and the 360 bridge. Love shooting it at different times of the day and throughout all the seasons and during a variety of weather conditions. Sunny, cloudy, stormy, foggy, hazy. Amazing how much the same landscape varies each day. This was early morning in December and you can see where the light is hitting the tops of the trees but lower areas are still awaiting the day's sun. This painting is a gift so not for sale - but plan to do more!! Merry Christmas!!! Hope Santa is good to everyone. 

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Jamaica Mon

@ Debbi Smith Rourke
Jamaica Mon  8x10" 
Oil on canvas panel 

After my two art receptions the first week in December, I went on a 7-day Caribbean cruise with my husband and some dear friends. Visited Cozumel, Caymen Islands and Jamaica! Ya mon! So enjoyed getting away and seeing the sights and drinking in the ambiance and margaritas!! Upon returning, I painted this little gem. Nice way to remember my island adventure.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Austin Art Salon 5 at Wild at Heart Show

Austin Art Salon 5

Here we are at Fast Frame's Prickly Pear Galleries, their South Austin location in the Shops of Arbor Trails. Our Wild at Heart reception last Thursday night was so wonderful - great crowd and our works look quite lovely together. Show is up thru Dec. 23 Don't you just love the 5 stars above our heads!! Rising stars!! Thanks Kristin and Wheat Belt for hosting us at your inspiring Gallery/Frame shop. You are amazing.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Foggy Morn III & IV / Happy Thanksgiving

© Debbi Smith Rourke
Foggy Morn III and IV 
Oil on canvas. 28"x22" each / 28"x44" together
$2,100 for the pair + $95 sh/h
Contact me for local /no-ship purchase

Happy Thanksgiving!!! These are enlargements of some small studies I did a few weeks ago. These larger works were displayed at the Prickly Pear Galleries at Fast Frame South as part of the Wild at Heart show I was in with Kim Brill, Amy Hillenbrand, Nancy Michalewicz and Paula Simpson.  Our reception  was great fun and the work looked wonderful together - thanks cousin Kristin for the opportunity.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Clouds Over Pennybacker

© Debbi Smith Rourke
Clouds Over Pennybacker 
Oil on gallery wrapped canvas. 20x20x1.5" NFS
Gallery-wrapped prints available from 12x12" to 28x28".
Contact me for prices based on your preferred size.

This is an enlargement of a similar 12x12 painting I did a couple of weeks ago. I delivered this to Mitra and Marcus Butler yesterday, one of three couples chairing tonight's HeartGift Foundation benefit. The fine wine and luxe living dinner and auction tonight help raise funds to bring children from around the world to the US for life saving surgery to correct heart defects. Fabulous cause!! So nice to give a painting of an image I love, knowing it will not only continue to bring smiles to others, but also extend love and renewed life to children. Check out the foundation and follow them on FB!!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Thanks Mom and Dad / Italian Villa

I just discovered the 30 Thanks Gratitude Adventure or #30thanks started by Marissa Bracke. How inspiring. As today is Nov. 10, I am starting with what she suggests for today which is thanking a parent. Boy, I have two wonderful parents and am so blessed to have had their constant, steady love and guidance throughout my life. And particularly their devotion to and care of one another as an example of how to live a beautiful and happy life. This photo was taken at their home on Thanksgiving day 2 years ago - how appropriate. Look forward to celebrating again with them this year. 
© Debbi Smith Rourke
Italian Villa 17x23.5" unframed. 
Pastel on paper. 27x33.5" framed in black with white matte, UV glass.
$675 + tax (TX only) + $35 shipping.

OK - for an art image. This is a pastel I did 4 years ago from a photo Mom and Dad took on on of their many trips - this one to Italy. I have it hanging in my home and so enjoy it. So thanks again Mom and Dad for getting out and seeing the world and then sharing your photos with me for my art adventures. This has been a fun exercise!! Let's see what tomorrow brings.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

If Books Could Cook

© Debbi Smith Rourke
If Books Could Cook    20 x 20 x 1.5"
Oil on gallery wrapped canvas. 
$550 + tax (TX only) + $20 sh/h.

Also thought about calling this "Dreaming of Dinner." I have so many nice cookbooks that sometimes I prefer reading them to actually cooking. Not always of course, but there are days I prefer to contemplate new menus rather than prepare them. Was fun!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Oma Series / "Guest Room Hymnal"

© Debbi Smith Rourke
Oma Series / "Guest Room Hymnal"
10 x 8" oil on canvas panel, framed.
$150 framed + tax (TX only) + $13 sh/h.

This painting was exhibited in the "Library Foliage" exhibit at the Studio2Gallery Dec. 4 - Jan. 22. Austin Chronicle review of exhibit is glowing!!! Yea!!
Oma's second bedroom was my aunt Mary's room growing up. Mary is just 8 years older than me, so she is more like a sister.  I remember sharing the room with her when I was a young girl and getting roped into rubbing her back. But did get to learn all her big-girl fashion and hair tips. Even learned to play spoons and card tricks in this room. Later on, this room became the guest room for whatever family member was visiting, and ALWAYS remained the sewing room. The bedside table has looked like this as long as I can remember, until the house was cleared out anyway. So sweet of Oma to put a church hymnal by the bed. Miss just hanging out and watching her sew. 

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Chichen Itza

© Debbi Smith Rourke
Chichen Itza   8x8x1.5"
Oil on gallery wrapped canvas. 

I painted this last weekend and so reminded me of  a wonderful trip I took to the Mayan Riviera and Mayan ruins back in 2003. I love Mexico and pray it will be safe to travel there again soon. 

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Mayan Riviera

© Debbi Smith Rourke
Mayan Riviera  24" x 24"
Oil on canvas. $740 + tax (TX only) + $22 sh/h.

I sure love the Mayan Riviera and miss vacationing there. Hope to go back soon. Last time I was there, you could see large white angel fish swimming at your feet!!!! Divine!! Or is it Mayan magic?

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Lake Austin Sunset Study

© Debbi Smith Rourke
Lake Austin Sunset  Study   12x12"
Oil on gallery-wrapped canvas. 
$220 + tax (TX only) + shipping. 

A painting weekend. Yea! This one came together very easily - gotta love that. I enjoy these looser brush strokes. I painted this from a photo I took of the sunset over Lake Austin. 

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Clouds Over Bridge

© Debbi Smith Rourke
Clouds Over Bridge  12x12"
Available at Old Bakery and Emporium Gallery
1006 Congress Avenue, Austin, Texas.

(Canvas prints also available from 8x8" to 16x16". Contact me for pricing.)

After two tough weeks and having to put my sweet kitty KC down (miss him!!!!), I am finally back to painting. I am committed to painting the many wonderful photographs I have taken of Lake Austin - both west views with the bridge and east views toward town. 

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Red Bud Isle

© Debbi Smith Rourke
Red Bud Isle  16x12"
Oil on canvas board. $255 + tax (TX only) + $18 sh/h.
I painted this on a paint out at Red Bud Isle near the low water crossing near Tom Miller dam in a Laurel Daniel class. Miss those ladies!! Friends may remember it as I painted it in 2007. Currently working on a diptych of a morning view of the Pennybacker bridge with some light fog. So lovely. Hold good thoughts!!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Breakfast at Oma's

© Debbi Smith Rourke
Breakfast at Oma's 10x8"
Oil on canvas board
$250 +$15 sh/h in contiguous US

Oma's caregiver for two years is a special woman named Ellie who would arrive each weekday morning at 7am and wake her up at 9am. Oma, always glad to see her, would start whispering "Oatmeal, oatmeal, oatmeal." She rarely asked her weekend caregivers to cook it for her, so she and Ellie enjoyed their oatmeal each weekday morning. Sorry, none here. These are my sweet Oma's breakfast dishes I now have. I added the strawberries for color.  She lived to be 98. You may want to eat oatmeal too.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Morning Moon Over 360 Bridge

© Debbi Smith Rourke
Morning Moon Over 360 Bridge
20"x16"x.5" photograph printed on gallery wrapped canvas
$235 + tax (TX only) + $15 shipping

Also available @ Old Bakery and Emporium Gallery
1006 Congress Avenue, Austin, Texas.

I've created a Facebook page for Austin area artists and our art buddies and fans around the world. It's called Austin Art Buddies. As a member or fan (someone who "likes" us) you can post your inspired comments, art events and images of recent work and generally help keep the circle of inspiration going!!! Love that. Each month we have an Art Challenge theme and ask followers to submit art in any medium that fits the theme. It will then be displayed in the monthly challenge album for all to see and admire. No prizes. Just wonderful feedback. This month our theme is BIG SKY, so my recent painting "South Texas Sky" will be there, as will this lovely photographic image I call "Morning Moon Over 360 Bridge." What do you have to contribute??? Would love for you to join us! Send me your Big Sky images (email to / best if images are 400 kb or less.) Look forward to seeing you on FB!!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

South Texas Sky 20x16"

© Debbi Smith Rourke
South Texas Sky  20x16"
Oil on canvas. 
Reduced to $400 (was $455) + tax (TX only) + $20 sh/h

My family has enjoyed vacationing on South Padre Island since I was a young girl. After not visiting the island for 3 years, Jim and I quite enjoyed our trip in late June. I  have always been intrigued by the maize fields prevalent between the King Ranch and Harlingen. I painted this last weekend from a photo I took, but today added the liquin glaze. Friend and art buddy Nancy Michalewicz suggested I add some color from the landscape as a wash into the sky and that really completed it for me. Thanks Nancy!!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Mount Bonnell

© Debbi Smith Rourke
Mount Bonnell  18x18 
Original oil on canvas. SOLD

Prints available:
24x24x.75" gallery-wrapped canvas print

$297 + tax (TX only) + $15 shipping

Earlier this summer I adjusted this painting that I thought I had completed last year - after starting it 2 years ago in Laurel Daniel's plein air class. I always wanted the segue between the sky and hills to be less defined and be smoother, with more flowing paint between them. So I worked on that transition and now love it!! I  also reworked the water a bit. So now it's finished!! Again. Isn't Austin beautiful?? :) 

Monday, August 30, 2010

Oma's Back Porch

© Debbi Smith Rourke
Oma's Back Porch  8x6" 
Oil on Raymar panel. $85 + tax (TX only) + $12 sh/h.

Oma loved to sit out on her back porch in the afternoon and look out onto her deck and gardens. She was an avid gardener and this would give her time to enjoy and think about the next projects. Planting bulbs, fertilizing azaleas, trimming overgrowth the mowers didn't get to, planting new annuals and potted plants. Her bromeliad sits here and this is how her porch looked last spring when everything was in full bloom. She was known to sit out here with her dear caregiver Ellie or a guest, have a beer and let time float by. Cheers, Oma.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Oma's Coffee Mug & Creamer

© Debbi Smith Rourke
Oma's Coffee Mug and Creamer  10x8"
Oil on canvas panel. $115 + tax (TX only) + $13 sh/h.

I have always loved these ivory colored, swirled coffee mugs of Oma's. And I now I'm enjoying having 6 in my kitchen and one slightly chipped one in my studio. Had to go get the matching creamer for this painting. 

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Oma's Vase & Dessert Dish 10x8"

© Debbi Smith Rourke
Oma's Vase & Dessert Dish  10x8"
Oil on canvas panel. $115 + tax (TX only) + $13 sh/h.

Oma loved to entertain and she certainly loved dishes - always adding to her serving ware. This white vase and dessert dish were a couple of my first selections from her kitchen goodies. I love white on the serving table. And thankfully these are also wonderful items for my studio, too! BTW, I had no idea how difficult gerber daisies were to paint! I had the rest of the painting done quickly and repainted the flower several times. Finally happy with it. This is also more of a monochromatic palette - new for me - but seemed to work well with the white. Very simple and clean. Thanks for your good wishes on this series!!!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Oma's Old Coffee Pot

© Debbi Smith Rourke
Oma's Old Coffee Pot    8x6"
Oil on panel. SOLD.
Many of you know I lost my dear, sweet Oma (grandmother) last month. She was 98. And a half. At that age you start counting half years again. In honor of her and to remember her home  of 60 years she loved so much, I am starting a series of paintings devoted to her. You will see a combination of still life paintings from objects I received from her, or settings in her home and gardens. So stay tuned. I finished the first new one tonight, but alas, too dark to photograph. So I am starting with her coffee pot I painted last year. She thought it would make a good painting subject - and it did. Then she kept asking for her coffee pot back! Ha! My uncle Don has it now. Think he plans to brew some coffee the old fashioned way.  

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Exhibits / Artists' Receptions This Week

Pleased to announce 2 art exhibit receptions this coming week!! Woohoo.  First is the AVAA "Art of Collaboration" Exhibit at the Butridge Gallery in the Dougherty Arts Center here in Austin. Bill Oakey and I each have 3 pieces from our Side by Side series here: Thistles, Charlottetown Colors and Port Aransas Twilight. The reception is Tues. Aug. 10 from 6-8pm. They are open during the week too if you want to swing by. Second is the Poet Tree exhibit at Studio2Gallery. It just made "Weekend Picks" on Woohoo, again! I am so happy to have been accepted to this juried event!! Thanks Tina! My "Fall Countryside" painting will be displayed. Reception is next Saturday, Aug. 14 from 6:30 - 8:30. Hope to see you!!

Saturday, July 31, 2010


© Debbi Smith Rourke
Thistles   20 x 20 x 1.5"
Oil on gallery-wrapped canvas.
My latest entry in the Side by Side series - my oil or pastel interpretations of photographer Bill Oakey's images. Bill's photo (below) is so interesting and almost looks like a painting. It's a slightly digitally enhanced photo, highly cropped image of some plants. This was so much fun!! Love the colors. Enjoy painting larger. This painting was exhibited at the Butridge Gallery/Dougherty Arts Center for "Art of Collaboration" Aug. 5 - 28th, 2010. Here's Bill's photo:

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Charlottetown Colors II

© Debbi Smith Rourke
Charlottetown Colors II  
24 x 36" Oil on gallery wrapped canvas. 
$1080 + $60 sh/h
(Contact me for local purchase / studio pick up)

Was exhibited at the UT Club April 4-7 and Authenticity Gallery April 8 - May 6th, 2011. Happy to send more photos of this piece or you can contact me to view it in my studio. Was such fun taking another one of Bill Oakey's photographs and doing my own version of it for our Side by Side series. I painted a smaller version of this, 8x10", last winter but this felt much different in the considerably larger size and more horizontal format. This was exhibited at the Butridge Gallery/Dougherty Arts Center for the AVAA "Art of Collaboration Exhibit"  Aug. 5 -28th, 2010. 

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Fall Countryside

© Debbi Smith Rouke
Fall Countryside 20 x 20 x 1.5"
Gallery-wrapped canvas prints available from 12x12" to 28x28". 
Contact me for prices based on preferred size.

This is an enlargement of a study I did earlier this year.I really like working larger. Many of you know I am about to lose my dear grandmother of 98 years. She has lived a vibrant happy life and I am so blessed to have had her in my life. Monday night when I swung by her house, she had just awakened and was sitting on the side of the bed. I got to chat with her and got 3 sweet kisses. And she called me a rascal! So I was pumped and went home and started this. Finished it yesterday afternoon and am just now getting it posted. Off to Oma's house once again and would love another visit, but if she prefers to sleep and move along on her journey, that is wonderful too. She is about to embark on something very exciting and she is totally prepared - that happened very quickly. She will be missed!!! Go hug your loved ones!!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Padre Beach House

© Debbi Smith Rourke
Padre Beach House   10 x 8"
Oil on canvas board framed in 1" wide brown wood frame.
$150 + tax (TX only) + $13 shipping.

Painted this yesterday from a photo I took while at Padre Island in late June. Love this beach house as it is next door to where I always stay, so have grown quite fond of it. This view is from the surf, obviously. More beach paintings to come! 

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Dusk on South Padre Island

© Debbi Smith Rourke
Dusk on South Padre Island   8x6"

I just spent a glorious 9 days on South Padre Island, returning 6/27, 3 days before hurricane Alex blew in . Had a wonderful time and the beach was gorgeous.  I took tons of pictures. I'm not a big plein painter like other artists I admire who can walk on the scene and in an couple of hours, create an amazing painting. I prefer painting from photos in my studio - photos I take myself (mostly) and remember the inspiration from the location and the moment. Then I like to live with them, see which ones most inspire me, crop them and even do a few pastel sketches. That's my process and it works for me. And I love taking photos!! Imaging all the possibilities with each one - cropping, color and value options. :)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Oak in Wildflowers / Texas Exhibit at Austin Art Space

© Debbi Smith Rourke
Oak in Wildflowers  16x20"
Oil on canvas. $400 + tax (TX only) + $18 sh/h. 
Am thrilled to have a painting accepted into Austin Art Space's "What Texas Means to Me" Exhibit. This painting of mine is one of 40 works in the exhibit, which you can preview on the above link. Philip Wade was the juror. Reception is Sat. July 10! Woohoo. Yeehaa. And all those other Texas phrases come to mind. 

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Bear Lake

© Debbi Smith Rourke
Bear Lake  / 16 x 16 x 1.5" 
Oil on gallery wrapped canvas.
$380 + tax (TX only) + $22 s/h. 
I delivered 21 paintings today, including this one, to the First Presbyterian Church for my art show with art buddy Amy Hillenbrand! She paints interiors - including a wonderful chair series, and another shoe series. I put in landscapes and still life works - couple in pastel and the rest oil. Thanks Laurie for hosting us!!! Hope you'll swing by - the show is up through July 18. 

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Hill Country Vista

© Debbi Smith Rourke
Hill Country Vista   20x24" 
Oil on canvas. $630 + tax (TX only) + $18 sh/h.

I finished this last night. I enlarged this from a 6x8 study I did last year, entitled Hill Country Landscape, purchased by Bill Oakey. Thanks, Bill! Working larger is much more satisfying for me. So I am going to go find all my 6x8 landscapes and start doing larger, bolder versions! What fun. I just love the Texas Hill Country. This is from a photo I took near several wineries just east of Fredericksburg. That was a fun day! Hope you can see the subtle dark colors in the silhouetted trees.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Fall Countryside Study

©Debbi Smith Rourke
   Fall Countryside Study    8 x 8 x 1.5
Oil on gallery wrapped canvas.  
$210 + $15 sh/h in contiguous US

I love to take photos on road trips - when I'm the passenger that is! We went to Galveston last fall for my husband's family reunion of the Cantini family. Italian family reunion at the racetrack on the mainland - we didn't actually go into Galveston this trip. On the way back I was snapping photos a plenty. This one struck a chord with me and had to paint it. Hope to enlarge soon! 

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Fall Morning

  © Debbi Smith Rourke 
Fall Morning  14x11
$235 + tax (TX only) + $ 17 sh/h.

Also available framed in gold - 20x17 framed
$295 + tax (TX only). Local pick-up recommended.
If you want it framed and shipped, 
contact me and I'll create PayPal button for you.

This won the Gold Award/Jurors First Choice Award in the Harvest exhibit @ the 360 Gallery in Austin. Thanks Bill Keese!! 

Original post: I am so grateful to have been accepted in the juried MAP (Multicultural Artists Partnership) member show that will be exhibited at the Austin Airport AIBA May 15 - Aug. 12. Yeah! The theme is Texas Sunrise and Sunset. Two images were accepted, including this one, view from my deck, and a photo I took entitled "Morning Moon Over 360 Bridge" a few posts down.  Love it when the universe helps me out. Want to stay aligned with my perfect path at all times.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Trio of shot glass paintings

©Debbi Smith Rourke
Lemon Shot  / Two Shots  / Shot of Lime
Originals 5x7 each / Contact me for prints of individual images or combo of 3.

The word it out - these were my three submissions to the Arthouse at Jones Center Annual 5X7 Fundraiser. What a wonderful event. I attended the Art Splurge last Thursday night and heard Friday night's Art Social was fun too. And these three all sold! Yeah new followers! Hoping when I find out who bought them, that they won't mind if I make prints of this combo shot. We'll see! Think they make a nice set for a bar.  Contact me if interested in prints!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Morning Moon Over 360 Bridge

©Debbi Smith Rourke
Morning Moon Over 360 Bridge
20 x 16 x .5"" prints of photograph on gallery wrapped canvas 
$235 + tax (TX only) + $15 sh/h.

I love to paint from my own photographs. Sometimes the photo is just too good on its own - I'm submitting this one to the MAP member show for AIBA. "Morning Moon over 360 Bridge." There wasn't room in the title for the fog.  May try to paint this image too, but really love the photo. No telephone lines. Just early morning awe. Remember, you can follow me on twitter too!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Lemon Shot

© Debbi Smith Rourke
Lemon Shot  5x7 
Oil on canvas. SOLD.

Last of the shot glass series. Moving on to more self-imposed art assignments: Side by Side series, MAP juried AIBA show, Spring in Central Texas theme for our Austin Art Buddies April Challenge , and "What Texas Means to Me" - juried show at Austin Art Space.