Monday, December 8, 2008

In the Spotlight

© Debbi Smith Rourke
In the Spotlight  6x8"
Oil on panel. NFS

Enjoyed this simple still life. Was a Christmas gift to a dear friend. I have so many great photos now of Lake Austin and the 360 bridge, I think I may start some landscapes next.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Japanese Garden

© Debbi Smith Rourke
Japanese Garden 17 x 22"
Pastel on paper. Original SOLD.
Giclee prints on archival paper:  $275 + tax (TX only) + $16 sh/h.

Giclee print framed in glass with matte: $425.
Recommend local (Central Texas) pick up. Contact me for purchase.

I enjoyed Thanksgiving so much, I never painted. So I'm posting this pastel painting I did last year. It was accepted into AVAA's 30th Anniversary Exhibit in the summer of 2007.  The original has sold but I do have several very high quality giclee prints printed on a beautifully thick archival paper - which makes them look like originals! Happy to send larger images to review. 

I was recently tagged by Kelley MacDonald, an art pal I met in Carol Marine's Santa Fe workshop. It's an honor to be tagged because it comes with sort of a blessing from the sender. It is an affirmation of friendship, good wishes and blog-love. So thanks for sharing the blog love, Kelley!!! 
The Rules:
1. Put a link in your posting to the person who tagged you.
2. List 7 unusual things about yourself.
3. Tag 7 other bloggers at the end of your post (*including their blog link*) and comment on their blogs to let them know they have been tagged.
Now....I'm tagging:
1. Gorgeous landscapes by Judith D'Agostino
2. Jann Alexander and her Vanishing Austin blog
3. Watercolorist John Wright
4. Colorful and distinctive works by Karen Schmidt
5. Canadian artist Sylvia Jenstad
6. Carol Schiff- check out her "Just an Apple." It's anything but.
7. Austin artist Carole Sikes 

Monday, November 17, 2008

Bull Creek

© Debbi Smith Rourke
Bull Creek  12x16"
Oil on canvas board. Framed size: 17 x 21"
$295 framed + tax (TX only) + $17 sh/h.

Happy to send a photo of this one framed. A favorite among my family members. Original post: Since boxes still surround me and I haven't been able to set up my easel, I am posting a painting I completed before moving. Love this one! I painted it in Laurel Daniel's plein air class and it was exhibited this summer in an AVAA juried show at the Scarborough Building in downtown Austin. As for the studio - the good news is my art board is up, and my next-to-the-easel table is up. Just have to set up my easel and buy new paints. I learned in Carol Marine's workshop that it's not optimum to buy paints with the word "hue" in them - it means they have added some filler to the paint preventing you from achieving the richest color. So bye-bye Cad Red Hue and Cad Yellow Hue! Hello cad red and cad yellow.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Ceramic Cup on Doily

© Debbi Smith Rourke
Ceramic Cup on Doily  10.5 x 8.5" 
Pastel on paper. NFS.

I did this little pastel still life in Dianne Grammer's class in 2005. It was a subject she set up, but I chose the composition. I must admit, she did help me with the values of the shadow. I love it!  I am keeping this one for myself.  Now for news on the home front: I am finally getting to my studio to organize it and get it operational. It will indeed take a couple of days until I can paint, but at least I've made it into this room now that the upstairs is organized! So, look for more new works to come. Thanks!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Vineyard Road

Vineyard Road  9x12" 
Oil on canvas board.
Well it's Nov. 4, election night. As I watch the historic returns, I realize it is also a good time to look forward to new beginnings in my world. Seems the perfect time to get my art blog going again. Here is a piece I did last year in Laurel Daniel's class, then came home and adjusted it in my studio. I gave this to a good friend as a gift but plan to do a larger version. It's inspired from  a photo I took at Benzinger Vineyards while we were touring the Napa/Sonoma wine country in 2006. 

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Cake Slices

© Debbi Smith Rourke
Cake Slices
Oil on canvas. 
I painted this painting in Laurel Daniel's still life painting class in 2006 when were studying Wayne Thiebaud. This painting is loose and whimsical and I love that with this subject matter. It was also accepted into a juried art show at ArtSpoken Gallery and Studios in Austin. Hope this made you hungry!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Santa Cruz Lighthouse

© Debbi Smith Rourke
Santa Cruz Lighthouse 12x12"
Oil on gallery wrapped canvas. SOLD.
While I love painting still life works, I also love painting landscapes. Must have something to do with growing up in the Texas Hill Country. I met a lovely woman named Nancy in my Santa Fe/Carol Marine workshop who is from the San Francisco area. Hearing about SFO reminded me of the trip my husband and I took to that area 2 years ago. I was able to paint four 12" x 12" paintings from that trip and sold 3 of the 4. One was this Santa Cruz lighthouse I saw on our drive to Monterrey and Pebble Beach. So pleased it sold to a friend who had a sweet memory or touring a lighthouse with her son, and this reminded of her of that special time. Love stories like that and find that often there is a link like this that creates that special desire to not just admire a painting but to indeed purchase it! Happy to be part of that circle of joy. I do hope to paint a larger version of this in my new studio - move date is Oct. 10 so I hope to be painting in 3 weeks! Until then I am just reflecting on past work, lessons and ideas for future works. Enjoy!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Three Vases / Back from Santa Fe

© Debbi Smith Rourke
Three Vases 14" x 14" 
Oil on gallery wrapped canvas. NFS

Update: This was gifted to my dear friend and talented artist Amy Hillenbrand for her 2010 Christmas gift. She got to pick it out from everything in my studio. So happy this sweet painting found it's home - it's a favorite of mine as well. 
Original post: I just returned from Santa Fe where I attended a one week workshop with "painting-a-day" artist Carol Marine. Was fabulous! I am now inspired to get back to painting regularly, as this year my husband and I have been building a house and  painting time has been hard to find. Will be challenging during a move...but very soon I'll get those brushes in hand!! Decided to post one of my still life images I painted in Laurel Daniel's class in late 2006.