Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Tomatoes and Pitcher

©Debbi Smith Rourke
Tomatoes and Pitcher   16x12"
Oil on gallery-wrapped canvas. 

I donated this 2010 painting to the LBJ/LASA Project Graduation online auction held Nov. 1 through Nov.15. It's for LBJ - a northeast Austin high school, a Liberal Arts and Sciences Academy and the public magnet school for AISD gifted students.

LBJ PTSA organized Senior Celebration, a drug- and alcohol-free lock-in that gives seniors the opportunity to commemorate their achievements and stay safe. So that no senior is turned away for lack of funds, LBJ PTSA holds this auction. My friend Julie Pastor, co-chair, selected this painting from my studio. 

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Two Peppers

©Debbi Smith Rourke
Two Peppers 6x8"
Oil on archival panel.
Here is one of my paintings my week in Carol Marine's advanced workshop in Santa Fe in early October. Carol's lessons included painting white on white, flowers and glass, metal objects and reflections. This is my metal-object painting. More to come!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Carol Marine's Advanced Workshop

I returned 2 weeks ago from Santa Fe where I took Carol Marine's advanced workshop with thirteen other lucky women. Part of the magic was watching Carol's demos. Most days she would set up a still life before class (there was a race to get there early so we could watch her set it up) and then paint it magically before our eyes. Above she is showing us how to paint glass. Below is a short sequence of her painting a couple of mugs with grapes on a reflective surface.

First she gets her drawing correctly proportioned and positioned on her 6x6 panel.

She rubs off her initial marks and starts to paint the juicy colors first.

Here she puts in notes of the background and begins the reflections.

Drum roll.....Magic. These were just taken with my iphone. Yet you still can see how fabulous this painting is, complete with her signature fork. She gave us the opportunity to purchase these paintings and they all sold quickly. :-)  Thank you Carol for letting me post this sequence!!!! You are so gracious with your knowledge and inspiration. Now...HERE IS MY REFLECTION PAINTING (below) that I did in Carol's workshop. Yes, a red pair, two red grapes and a lemon.

 ©2013 Debbi Smith Rourke
Fruit Plate 6"x8" 
Oil on archival panel / framed in gold and black float frame
$250 + $25 sh/h in Contiguous US

 ©2013 Debbi Smith Rourke
Fruit Plate 6"x8" 
Oil on archival panel - FRAMED in gold and black illusion frame.
$130 + $18 sh/h.

This framed painting is sitting on a taupe, textured place mat. The frame has no checkerboard texture. :-) Note to self, "Don't photograph gold framed on textured cloth the same color."