Monday, September 27, 2010

Breakfast at Oma's

© Debbi Smith Rourke
Breakfast at Oma's 10x8"
Oil on canvas board
$250 +$15 sh/h in contiguous US

Oma's caregiver for two years is a special woman named Ellie who would arrive each weekday morning at 7am and wake her up at 9am. Oma, always glad to see her, would start whispering "Oatmeal, oatmeal, oatmeal." She rarely asked her weekend caregivers to cook it for her, so she and Ellie enjoyed their oatmeal each weekday morning. Sorry, none here. These are my sweet Oma's breakfast dishes I now have. I added the strawberries for color.  She lived to be 98. You may want to eat oatmeal too.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Morning Moon Over 360 Bridge

© Debbi Smith Rourke
Morning Moon Over 360 Bridge
20"x16"x.5" photograph printed on gallery wrapped canvas
$235 + tax (TX only) + $15 shipping

Also available @ Old Bakery and Emporium Gallery
1006 Congress Avenue, Austin, Texas.

I've created a Facebook page for Austin area artists and our art buddies and fans around the world. It's called Austin Art Buddies. As a member or fan (someone who "likes" us) you can post your inspired comments, art events and images of recent work and generally help keep the circle of inspiration going!!! Love that. Each month we have an Art Challenge theme and ask followers to submit art in any medium that fits the theme. It will then be displayed in the monthly challenge album for all to see and admire. No prizes. Just wonderful feedback. This month our theme is BIG SKY, so my recent painting "South Texas Sky" will be there, as will this lovely photographic image I call "Morning Moon Over 360 Bridge." What do you have to contribute??? Would love for you to join us! Send me your Big Sky images (email to / best if images are 400 kb or less.) Look forward to seeing you on FB!!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

South Texas Sky 20x16"

© Debbi Smith Rourke
South Texas Sky  20x16"
Oil on canvas. 
Reduced to $400 (was $455) + tax (TX only) + $20 sh/h

My family has enjoyed vacationing on South Padre Island since I was a young girl. After not visiting the island for 3 years, Jim and I quite enjoyed our trip in late June. I  have always been intrigued by the maize fields prevalent between the King Ranch and Harlingen. I painted this last weekend from a photo I took, but today added the liquin glaze. Friend and art buddy Nancy Michalewicz suggested I add some color from the landscape as a wash into the sky and that really completed it for me. Thanks Nancy!!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Mount Bonnell

© Debbi Smith Rourke
Mount Bonnell  18x18 
Original oil on canvas. SOLD

Prints available:
24x24x.75" gallery-wrapped canvas print

$297 + tax (TX only) + $15 shipping

Earlier this summer I adjusted this painting that I thought I had completed last year - after starting it 2 years ago in Laurel Daniel's plein air class. I always wanted the segue between the sky and hills to be less defined and be smoother, with more flowing paint between them. So I worked on that transition and now love it!! I  also reworked the water a bit. So now it's finished!! Again. Isn't Austin beautiful?? :)