Monday, September 27, 2010

Breakfast at Oma's

© Debbi Smith Rourke
Breakfast at Oma's 10x8"
Oil on canvas board
$250 +$15 sh/h in contiguous US

Oma's caregiver for two years is a special woman named Ellie who would arrive each weekday morning at 7am and wake her up at 9am. Oma, always glad to see her, would start whispering "Oatmeal, oatmeal, oatmeal." She rarely asked her weekend caregivers to cook it for her, so she and Ellie enjoyed their oatmeal each weekday morning. Sorry, none here. These are my sweet Oma's breakfast dishes I now have. I added the strawberries for color.  She lived to be 98. You may want to eat oatmeal too.


Nancy B. Hartley said...

Deb, What a sweet story, and wonderful painting! Together these make such a nice memory for you, and your family.

Paula Boyett said...

I appreciate that you always paint from your heart, whether it is of a wonderful memory like this or lovely hill country landscape.

Karen Martin Sampson said...

I concur with the first two comments...a great story and a wonderful remembrance. I found you on Gwen Bell's site. You can catch me at
I'll be checking in to see what else you are doing!