Thursday, February 28, 2013

Santa Fe Glory

©Debbi Smith Rourke
Santa Fe Glory  20"x16"
Oil on gallery-wrapped canvas / unframed (no frame needed)
$700 + $60 sh/h in US
(Contact me for local pick up / no shipping)

I was in Santa Fe last October for the Carol Marine workshop. The Chamiso shrub was in unmistakable brilliant bloom. Our workshop was held at the Immaculate Heart of Mary retreat center, which just happens to be nestled in the pinon-covered foothills of the Rocky Mountains. These blooming chamiso shrubs where everywhere - around our classrooms and all along the hiking trails behind the center.  They turn a luminous gold in late summer and early fall and become irresistible photo opportunities. And painting opps as well. I used both brushwork and palette knife application in this one - a new favorite combo. 

Chamiso is one of the earliest native shrubs to green-up in spring in this area and it grows wildly along the dry, sandy watercourses. Over 25 subspecies have been identified. It's found from sea level to as high as 10,500 feet, yet it still thrives in this cold desert climate. Dense clusters of yellow-green flowers turn to rich gold by late summer, turning arroyos into golden rivers. A tea made from chamiso leaves is said to be good for colds and stomach disorders. Hmm, may have just discovered a new favorite tea as well!! All perfect.


Kelley Carey MacDonald said...

LOVE this. l Miss Santa Fe!!!

Nancy B. Hartley said...

Deb, I love this, the colors. composition, everything! Your work is just gorgeous!

Debbi Smith Rourke said...

I miss you two and so glad we had our Santa Fe time together!! xoxo

Mark Nesmith said...

Beautiful! Love the vibrant yellow against the muted cooler violets and blues.

Sarah S said...

LOVE this, maybe because Santa Fe is my hometown! you captured it beautifully, really enjoying all your artwork.