Monday, March 17, 2014

Sandy Ostrau Workshop Jan. 2014

Sandy doing a landscape demo 

I was thrilled to attend Sandy Ostrau's 3-day workshop in Orinda, California (Bay Area) in January. Everything about it was delightful. My dear friend and fab artist Nancy Hartley invited me. She and her hubby Brian went all out to make every moment of my trip so delightful. Thank you, all!!! I was inspired on so many levels.

 Sandy's color mixing

 Sandy showing ways to optimize use of layers

 Another sweet Sandy demo

Learned a few fabulous tips: 
- Simplify. Simplify. Simplify. 
- Experiment. You can always paint over the work, or turn it 90 or 180 degrees.
- Color gets all the credit. Value does all the work.
- Quinacridone red and white make a luscious sky color.
- Learned to make earthy taupes that mix well with oranges and greens.
- Unexpected color pops brilliantly when placed next to a neutral.

Play time!!! I burned the candle at both ends. Up early for breakfast then Nancy picked me up and we laughed our way to class. We watched Sandy and were endlessly inspired, painted with amazing painters all day, enjoyed al fresco lunches, went gallery gazing, took walks on the reservoir, dined out, laughed and shared, enjoyed home cooked meals and even attended Brian's running club's annual gala in San Francisco the last night. On top of that, I met ad pal Roberta Taub Abel for a delightful dinner, too! She drove into Danville from Berkley to see me and catch up. What fun.


 Yummy home-cooked meal at Nancy and Brian's. Delightful and healthy. Oh the stories I must have told.
Nancy and me after painting, shopping and drinking. Art buddies for life!

 Nancy and Brian on gala night in San Francisco. So delighted to be their guest. We danced all night!
 Dinner with Roberta Taub Abel. We worked at Leo Burnett and JWT together in Chicago 
too many years ago. So many stories and so many common friends!!

 Sad departure. Glorious views!!

Thank you, Nancy!! What a dear, dear friend!! Lot's of love to you! XOXO

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Nancy B. Hartley said...

Deb, what a fun time we had! Loved it all! did not want you to leave!
This just means that we have to do this again! Thank you for all of the nice words!!! What a great post1